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about us

LA Art Agency was founded by the artist Tomer Peretz.  Tomer always had a dream to combine many art subjects in one big site that can reach all kinds of people. Tomer has spent many years on research for the best artists who can be part of the agency.  The agency employs highly talented artists, some of which work on projects all over the world, and have art work in different museums around the world.

LA Art agency can make your dreams come true; Anything that you wanted to have in your house, be it a design or an art piece, we can make it for you.  Each job is unique and one of a kind.

LA Art agency specializes in Furniture Design: Industrial, Contemporary and Classic, Custom Kitchens, Bathrooms, Entertainment Centers, Kids’ Rooms, All-House Furniture and Commercial Furniture. Portraits, Hypo Realism, Classic, Custom Mural Paintings, Small and Large Scales, Custom Painting and Finishes for Interior and Exterior, Cityscape, Landscape, Seascape, Kids’ Rooms, Animation. Interior and Exterior Design: Commercial and Residential. Photography: Special Artistic photography, Photoshop, Retouch , Modeling Photography, Event photography.

The agency is located in LA but operates all around the US.