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LA Art Agency employs the finest artists in all categories, Custom Furniture being one of them.  Our Master Carpenters are ready to design and make any piece of furniture you have in mind, in any desired style and size.

We work with wood, metal and any other material. Special computer programs generate 3D simulations to show you what the piece is going to look like, before the manufacturing process begins.

We provide great quality furniture for your home or working space. From Classic to Ultra-Modern, just say your idea, and we’ll make it a reality in the form of a unique piece of furniture.

And if you don’t yet have a solid idea in mind, our team of expert artists can come up with suggestions and create that idea for you. We also have excellent interior designers and housing remodelers to help out with redesigning your home or office at a great value.

We have the talents, the tools, the know-how and the inspiration. Call us today and we’ll get the job done, quickly and efficiently!