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LA ART AGENCY is a Los Angeles based company of professionals, specializing in custom paint finishes. The agency has earned a reputation for its fine trained professionals, flexibly innovative technique, and distinctive detail. From ancient styles to modern method, we offer a vast variety of finishes.

Faux Finish or “fake” painting began as a means of optically replacing materials such as marble or wood. It has transformed into an art widely professionalized at Master Custom painting, offered in the forms of wood imitation, glazing, marble and stone imitation, gold leafing, and Venetian.

Iron Finishes: a faux finish technique used to imitate the visual effects of metallic elements and aging in a natural form.

Wood Finishes: a technique applied onto wood surface to enhance the visual quality of any wooden material in numerous different ways.

Custom Paint: the highest quality, interior and exterior, personalized painting, in any area of the house.
Mural is a work of art, most often a painting applied to the surface of a wall, floor, or furniture.

Do you have any painting ideas in mind? Or perhaps you wish to paint the interiors or exteriors of your residential, commercial, and industrial facility?

At our agency, we are great with bringing different ideas to life, and giving your visions the wings to fly for all to see. You only need to tell us what you have in mind and we’d be glad to actualize it.

We paint Real Life situations, Seascape. Landscape, Cityscape, Portraits, Abstract, Surrealism, Hypo Realism, 3D Illusion Effects, Religion Art, Pop Art, Animation, Kids’ Rooms, Traditional and any other style you can dream of, using Air brush, Acrylic, Oil, Water, and any material you can imagine, on practically any surface, be it canvas, wall, paper, wood, metal, concrete, glass or others. We also use computer programs to paint animations and illustrations.

There is always someone versed in your area of project, and experts willing to help reshape your ideas into something concrete and visible, which will be admired by all. In addition, we have excellent interior and exterior painters as well as housing renovators and remodelers to help out with redesigning and reconstructing your housing facilities at a great value.

We will be happy  to do the job!